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A ritual experience in the 'Love Goddess' will allow you to manifest your dreams as you set your intentions, clear your space and invite love, beauty, and all your heart desires into your home or office. 

The 'Love Goddess' collection includes:
- Love your Inner Goddess cards by Alana Fairchild
- A beautifully handcrafted Goddess of Eden Mini White Sage and Floral Smudge Stick*
- Native American Indian feather
- Rose Quartz Crystal
- Summer Salt Body Rose Petals
Goddess of Eden Mini Rose Garden Soy Candle (12 hour burn time)

(*note: the roses used in each smudge stick may vary in colour from the image shown, as will the flower type in keeping with seasonal availability). 

Set the scene.
1. Select a quiet and comfortable space.
2. Clear your heart and mind.
3. Light the smudge stick and clear your space by waving the feather.
4. Extinguish the smudge stick in a non-flammable dish or plate.
5. Disperse your rose petals and light your candle.
6. Bring your rose quartz close to your heart.
7. Draw your Inner Goddess card and ask a question. Lay it facing upwards, and manifest your desires - allowing the card to guide you.
8. Practice a meditation ritual if you desire.