Hello Goddess,

We’ve all heard the term Grounding before, but what does this mean? 

Grounding is basically balancing out our spiritual and physical energy in our body by connecting with mother earth. 

If you are a sensitive soul like me, there’s a good chance you spend a lot of time in your head. In fact, most of us spend a better part of our lives in our head!

In this fast-paced world, we put our energy into planning our lives, worrying, judging and regretting that we often lose touch with ourselves and become disconnected from our bodies.

When we are grounded, we feel in balance, we are strong and secure and we have a sense of inner security that allows us to trust in the universe.

When we are out of balance and need grounding, it’s easy to find ourselves:

- Spaced out 
- Restless
- Experiencing anxiety and perpetual worrying 
- Emotionally explosive
- Engaged in personal drama
- Possessed by the desire for material things 
- Obsessed with your personal image

 There are so many ways to ground yourself, here are just two of my favourites:

Connect with nature

Go outside and take your shoes off. Feel the energy of the earth, feel the sun on your skin, toes in the grass or water and honour mother earth.

Be in the present. Call back your energy and put all your thoughts and awareness into the moment. Use all your senses to help you be in the now. What can I see? What can I smell? What am I feeling?

When you are grounded and in your place of power, you can manifest your dreams and desires into your reality. The things you really want to materialise into your life start to appear.

This can be done anytime and anywhere, even from your desk in the office when you can’t physically go outside.

Find a quiet place and visualise roots coming out of the soles of your feet, travelling deep down into the core of the earth. Take some deep breaths and see any worries, anxiety or stress start to dissolve into the earth. Imagine a green light coming back up to the roots and into your heart filling you with beautiful, warm, loving energy from mother earth.

Love and blessings,
Yasmine x