Mini Rituals are a quick and powerful way to connect to your intuition and Inner Goddess every day.

My favourite mini rituals will only take minutes out of your busy schedules and will leave you feeling peaceful, centred and connected to your heart and higher self.

Light a candle
As simple as this sounds the act of lighting a candle is profound and primal. Fire is a powerful cleanser an awesome force, long has it been equated with transformations and carrying your prayers and requests into the universe.

1. Find a quiet space within your home or outside where you can light your candle.
2. Light your candle in honour of yourself your inner goddess and your uniqueness.
3. Take a minute to notice your breath account for all your blessings, no matter how small.
4. This is a time for reflection, offerings and transformation.


Hold a crystal
Holding a crystal is the easiest and quickest way to connect with the energy of the crystal. Crystals work on vibrations and will seek to harmonise every cell in our body, working on every level - physical, emotional and spiritual.

This mini ritual is also great for meditation. Like me, if you find the most difficult aspect to meditation is turning off the mind, holding a crystal in your hand and focusing on its texture, shape and weight will help ground you in your practice.

This mini ritual is great upon awakening or just before falling asleep.

1. Find a quiet place where you can sit or lay down.
2. Start by holding your crystal in your dominant hand.
3. Take seven deep breaths in and out.
4. Close your eyes.
5. Feel the energy of the crystal and imagine it connecting with your heart space.
6. This will leave you feeling at peace and grounded.


Daily card draw
This mini ritual is one of my favourites. Picking a card daily from an oracle card deck is an awesome way to connect with your intuition and learn to trust your instincts.

1. Start off by finding a quiet space to sit and take a few deep breaths.
2. While holding the cards start to shuffle while asking your inner goddess for guidance “what do I need to know today?”
3. Stop shuffling when you feel drawn to stop and pull a card.
4. Read your cards meaning and message.
5. This mini ritual can be followed by reflection and Journaling if you have time.

It’s a wonderful way to start to trust and grow your intuition.

Love and blessings,
Yasmine x

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